St Ives Public School

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Special Religious Education and Special Education in Ethics

At St Ives Public School, students from Kindergarten to Year 6 attend Scripture classes between each Wednesday. Classes are formed based on the availability of qualified volunteer providers of the various religious persuasions and subsequent parent nomination.

The students attend Special Religious Education (Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, and Baha’i) provided by visiting teachers each week. Should you not wish your child to participate in the lessons please inform the Assistant Principal in writing.

Students not attending SRE (Special Religious Education) attend supervised alternative groups and participate in reading. As mandated by the NSW Department of Education, these students are not permitted to participate in curriculum based lessons or other extracurricular activities during this time.

For students not attending SRE, Special Education in Ethics (SEE) is currently available at St Ives Public School via written parental request. Placement is subject to qualified volunteers and space availability.

Links to the approved providers for SRE and SEE are listed below.